Friday, September 18, 2009

I don't mean to brag but...

{Steven stricking a pose on our way to ALCATRAZ on our honey moon}
My husband is kind of awesome. On Monday, the 14, we celebrated our half year mark of being married. Woo Hoo. Steven had some beautiful flowers delivered to me at work. I was so suprised and even more surprising is that he ordered them a week ago. What. a. stud.
Flowers + suprises = one very happy girl.

So... here is a taste of some of our favorite memories since being married, in picture form.
{HONEYMOON! this is us at Alcatraz making our best I am
kinda scared face. Plus, audio tour headphones.}

{Sporting events}

{Easter morning! The "Easter Bunny came to visit us (at 3:30 in the

morning and left a scavenger hunt and some goodies.)

I had to wake Steven up at 6:00 am

because I could not contain my excitement.}

{Moving into our new place. Yes I did make him carry me over the threshold.

That's what you do right?}

{NEWPORT BEACH! For a traditional Tipton vacation and our first Grunion run.}

{The Harry Potter midnight showing. Cole and I are owls... can't you tell?}

And a trip to Utah to visit some friends which I sadly have no pictures of...

All in all we are just enjoying this time we have together and soaking up every moment we have by ourselves before any babbies come along which we hope won't be for a while (we hope.)

* I am sorry if this post and picture overload bore you to tears. Thanks for reading anyways!

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