Friday, September 11, 2009


Last week as I was sitting at mutual, surrounded by my cute young women, they were all talking about the play that they had all tried out for. For those of you that know me know that I LOVE theatre. Singing, dancing, acting, performing, the whole thing! They proceeded to tell me that they were all assigned the part of orphans and the name of the play was Oliver. OLIVER! as in the movie that my brother Cole and I would watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The play which includes the classic songs such as "Consider Yourself" and "Where is Love" (If you know Cole PLEASE ask him to sing these to you. He will most defiantly do it in a British accent and you will NOT be disappointed.) The play that made every child want to try to pick a pocket or two... maybe not. I LOVE OLIVER!
As I was expressing my love of Oliver to the totally freaked out young women (I tend to get overly excited) the first counselor in young women's (also one of the judges for auditions) heard my passion and told me that they were still holding tryouts for the adults (although I would have fit in much better as an orphan with the young women.) I recieved a lot of support from my orphan young women who encouraged me to try out. Bless their hearts. The only adult female part they had left was for The Widow Corney. Yes. The one that has a crazy SOPRANO voice (um... hi. I'm an ALTO), and sings the only awful song in the entire play " I. Shall. Scream." Oh! and she is in her 40's? Despite my ill feelings toward the song I put on my happy face and tried out anyways... I really wanted to be in the play no matter what part I played. Give me Fagin for all I care. So, I am no longer going to complain. Because I GOT THE PART! ( lucky for me I am splitting the part with another girl. So I don't have to go to all of the rehearsals or performances.) I am going to have a ton of fun doing one of things that I love the very most. I am excited... And practice starts tomorrow!!! Hooray! :)

oh there I am!


  1. Good work Emily! I miss the theatre days in high school! I'm a little jealous you're in YW. I just told Trevor a couple days ago that that's where I want to serve so bad!