Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Since being called to Young Womens I have seen some really neat and fun activities. Last nights activity has topped them all! We played a real life version of Where's Waldo! Steven and I, along with a few others were asked to diguise ourselves and walk around the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall.
All the youthins were split into groups and they all had a card with our faces on them. Their goal was to find us, show us the card with our picture on it and then we would put a sticker on our card indicating that they had found us. Whoever got the most stickers won.
Well, apperently Steven and I were really good at not being caught. So good in fact that in the end we were the only two that a lot of the groups had touble finding.
Steven went dressed as a normal guy with a cowboy shirt, a hat, and jeans. I went as a very pregnant women, I dyed my hair from light brown to blackish, wore glasses, and I gave myself hideuos bangs. This is what Steven had to say about my bangs:
"It's like someone commented on your bangs once when you were 7 and you have kept them ever since." Yep, he was right.
The best part about the activity was trying to dodge secruity. Apparently they were following groups of kids, yelling at others who were in disguise (that were a little more obvious then Steven and me) and in the end they ran us out of the mall but they didn't ruin our fun! We just went to the roof top and ate krispy creams. In your face mall cops.

Our friend Amy and her husband were "Waldo's" too. Only they were brilliant and bought a doll and stroller at savers and pushed her around the mall. Classy. Also, we had the same idea of being preggers. We are awesome.

When the game was over I KID YOU NOT I had at least 3 young women come up to me who thought I was really pregnant... they just saw me on Sunday. In case anyone needs a fake pregnant belly just put on a swim suit (for support) and stuff it with clothes. Lots and lots of cloths, and wear clothes over it. It turned out oh so nicely.


  1. Although this sounds like a lot of fun, just remember . . . it was just a game!!! Pregnancy is not fun.

  2. Trust me. I could not even handle an hour with that fake belly before I hated it. Seriously, we got some food in the food court and some how it all ended up on my shirt over my belly and I didnt even notice. Not fun.