Monday, January 11, 2010

He's Legal

Richard "Cole" Tipton was born 18 years ago today...
That sentence kind of makes me want to vomit. When did this happen? I feel like I have been trapped in time as a 15 year old while Cole keeps getting older and older. Boo.
In honor of Cole's special Birthday, that legally made him an "adult," we had a little (and by little I mean huge) family gathering at my parents house.
We all went around the room and everyone shared a special memory that they have of Cole. I shared 2 last night but for the sake of the blog I will post one more.

About 3 years ago my parents made the crazy decision to move our East Mesa native family to Queen Creek (A.K.A. Egypt). When we first moved into our home my mom was in the garage, unpacking and ran inside screaming that there was a prairie dog in our garage. Bored out of our minds Cole and I took this opportunity to put on our detective hats and hopefully have a little fun.
We went into the garage and proceeded to make "prairie dog mating" sounds to lure to animal out of it's hiding spot. After my mom yelled at us about 3 times for being too loud and annoying, and about 30 minutes of searching we found what we were looking for... But it was not a prairie dog. Instead we found a huge, nasty frog.
We decided that we would show my mom that we captured the "prairie dog" so that she could be so proud of us, and feel safe in her own garage.
So we captured the little guy, marched up the stairs to my mom's open room, and let the frog loose right outside of her door. We thought that we were so funny, but for some reason mom did not find it so amusing. She made us take him outside and let him go. We gave him a proper goodbye ceremony complete with a song.
This is probably about the time that my parents realized that Queen Creek was all wrong for our family and made us all a little crazy. Thankfully (for my parents sake) they moved back to East Mesa and now happily reside there today. I, however, have found love in Scottsdale but there will always be a place in my heart for Mesa.

Cole, I also want you to know that up until I was about 5 I was in denial that you were in fact a male. I wanted a sister with all my heart. So what did I do? I dressed you up in all my clothes, I called you NIcole, and I made you play barbies with me. You were the perfect little sister. But for some reason dad didn't like it when I treated you like that... I understand why now. After some time of training you, you actually began to like dressing up, and playing barbies with me (not sure you ever got used to the name Nicole). What I am trying to say is, if you ever end up gay, or feeling like you are the wrong gender, it's my fault. Don't blame yourself.

Wow.. Anyways...
Happy Birthday Cole!

P.S. Tagging the walls of Mesa probably won't be so fun anymore. Sorry.


  1. Hahaha!!! I love the part where you say it's your fault if Cole ever ends up gay or feels like he's the wrong gender. That is freakin' hilarious. Micah loves My Little Ponies, which concerns me a little...