Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Feel Like I'm Taking Crazy Pills!

A couple months ago Steven and I thought that it would be a good idea to sign up (and pay money) to run a marathon. I am doing the half marathon which is 13 miles. I am not really sure what my thought process was at the time I made that decision because A. I hate running and B. I hate running. I started training in October and stopped training in October. Thinking of the marathon as just a 13 mile walk is much more comforting for me. What is not comforting is the story about the two men in Chicago (I think) who died doing a half marathon last year... Steven is doing a FULL marathon. A. FULL. MARATHON. 26.2 miles. 26.2 MILES. If we survive I have a nice full body massage set up for Steven on Monday given by my one of my best friends Hailee (who works at massage envy)at our home. If we survive I will make dinner that night and invite hailee to stay for dinner.
If we don't survive I want it to be known that this has been the greatest 10 months in the history of Emily.

I love you Steven.

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  1. I wondered why Steven kept posting his time on each of his daily jogs on facebook. Good job, Steven. I hate running, too. I had to stop this week - the uterus is jarring a little too much. And I'm glad to be taking a nine-month sabbatical from running. I just do it to keep off my weight.