Friday, February 12, 2010

My Funny Valentine...

Before I get into yet another disgustingly cheesy post I want to do some explaining.
A. I am not normally a lover of Valentines day. Since this is our fist (married) Valentines day together I am excited. (Last Valentines day was a downer because we were stuck licking envelopes ALL DAY ((yes I did cut my tongue a few times)) for our wedding invites).
B. We are still very much in the "honey moon phase" and therefore it is still acceptable for me to be cheesy.
C. Since we have not yet been married a year it is OK for me to still post wedding pictures on a regular basis...

With that being said, on with the post.

This is my Valentine.

He is
hard working
service oriented
a great example...

But best of all

He is mine


Happy Valentines Day you big hunk of burning love.

P.S. Happy anniversary to my parents

Mom, you look younger and prettier every year.
Dad, you are like Richard Alpert. You just don't age.

CONGRATS on 23 years!
your favorite daughter.


  1. You are so cute Emily! I hope you guys are doing so well! Sounds like it, if you are still in the honeymoon stage. I think we will be in ours forever!

  2. Wow, your parents are young, young, young!! And I'm glad you are still in the honeymoon phase. Enjoy that. :) Kids put a bit of a damper on the honeymoon phase. That's for sure.