Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend Whirlwind

(Just an FYI. Spell check is not working on here. Proceed at your own risk).

This weekend was jam packed with some great stuff. Allow me to start from the begining...

Saturday morning Steven and I woke up bright and early to go sledding in Flagstaff with the youth. On our drive up to Flag my huge bottle of lotion exploded (should have seen that one coming) and got everywhere. And by everywhere I mean all over me and Steven's ipod (oops). One benefit is that our car smells like coconut.

We spent the whole day sledding with the youth. Steven was the master of making trains with the sleds, and giving everyone an extra push to ensure maximum speed down the hill. He's so strong.

My face got fried. Come on people, I have lived in Mesa my whole life. Don't expect me to know that being in the snow is 1000x more intense then laying out for a day at the beach.
We did have a really great time though and we are still recovering.

Moving on...
(This is the part where I brag about how awesome my husband is)

I knew that Steven had been brewing a surprise for me the week before Valentines day. There were many times where he wanted to spill the beans and tell me what the surprise was. I didn't let him. I love surprises way too much.
Finally on our way home from sledding Steven told me that I needed to pack a bag for the night. Naturally I got giddy, giggly, and I probably squealed a few times out of excitment. I told him that he was not allowed to share the rest of the surprise with me and he agreed to respect my decision. For an hour. At which point he proceeded to tell me that he had booked the Marriott that we stayed in the night before we left on our honeymoon almost one year ago.
They had a V- day special going on which included a 3 course dinner, our choice of wine or champagne (we decided to not cosume alchol that night and got a bottle of Martinelli's instead. It was a good choice) a payper view movie, and a one night stay. No, I was not bummed that he told me the surprise afterall.

Please notice our window.
Dear person who decided that it would be a good idea to use our car window as target practice,
When we find you, my husband is going to beat you up.


One of my favorite parts of the evening was when the manager of the resturant told us that we are the nicest couple he has seen in two years. He probably tells that to all couples, but for that moment it made me feel special.

Yes. I know, I know. Steven did an amazingly fantastic job. Serisouly, how thoughtful is he?

After our short but sweet stay at the hotel we headed off to church where I was called as a beehive advisor. I finally get to teach! Is it a bad thing that this has been my third calling in Young Women's in the past year? It's like I am supposed to be in there but no one knows what to do with me... Oh well, I am not complaining.

After church we headed over to my parents house to consume one of the most deliciously, mouth watering dinners ever. The dinner was in honor of Valentines day and my parents 23rd anniversary.

... Monday was relaxing and we went and got hair cuts... hairs cut...

I love my Steven and all that he does for me. This weekend was amazing.
To eternity and beyond!

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  1. What an amazing Valentine's day!! You two are great. And I love your hair. Maybe I need to go to your hairdresser. Just fly down there every few months... I'm hating my hair right now. Anyways, I need to make up for our really stupid Valentine's night. We were too poor to do anything at all, but now we got our tax return, so it's time for a make-up date.