Tuesday, March 9, 2010

OUR STORY - Part 1 (The Meeting)

In honor of our 1 year wedding anniversary (wowza)on the 14th of March, I have decided to dedicate this week to "Our Story." I know that this may be disgusting, and maybe even boring but it is my blog and I do what I want.

The meeting.

Steven and I met in mid June in 2008 in Flagstaff Arizona. I will never forget the first time I saw him. We were in a room gathered with a ton of other EFY counselors. It was the Sunday before all of our kids would get there and we were having our last fireside before the big day.
Although most of the other (more righteous) counselors got to the campus the day before to mix and mingle, Steven and his "Utah posse" rolled in just before the meeting.
During the meeting I was sitting next to my cute friend Jenny and I very casually turned around to scope out the new group of boys behind us. I determined that there was one or two cute boys (Steven being the best one, of course) and I wrote Jenny a little note on a scrap paper that said, "Boys in the back, thumbs up." She agreed and we decided that we would make it a point to get to know them.
The next morning, as the kids were rolling in, Steven and I were assigned to hand out t- shirts to all the kiddos that came in. We had a good time passing out shirts and that my friends, was the first time that we spoke to each other.
A couple hours later we got a break for lunch and ate our brown sac lunches right across from each other. Some flirting may or may not have taken place.

Later that night after I had gotten to know my group and all of the days activities were over, I was sitting on my bed with my little group of girls around me. After devotional, three of my cute girls told me that they were going to find my husband. I laughed at the idea and told them they could look for one, as long as they did not get me involved.
(Sorry the pictures are so small)

They did not mess around. The next morning they went on the prowl for my future husband scoping out all of the cuttest counselor boys. That night they told me that they had narrowed down the list.
The boys were:
Franklin (because he was musical)
Dan (because he looked like Ken)
Myles (because we had a lot in common)
Brady (because he was a cowboy)
and at the top of the list
was Steven (because we would have beautiful blond babies)

The rest of the week they conducted interviews, and asked the prospect boys questions to find out who would make the best husband. Around this time I began forming a little crush on counselor Steven (even though he wore his crocks every day)but I kept it to myself.
A few of the counselors really got into the whole "who is going to make a better husband for Emily" game. They would come up to my girls every day and ask them where they were on the list. It was all fun and games. The day before my girls were going to reveal who my future husband was Steven decided that it was too much work (or something) and dropped out. This made my girls sad because he would have won if it was up to them.
But, the show must go on, and it did. On the last day of EFY, as we were all lined up to get into the dance Brady came up to me, got down on one knee and "proposed" to me in front of EVERYONE with a ring made out of grass that my creative girls had made. It was so fun, and I am pretty sure that over half of the kids thought it was real and kept taking pictures of us. My girls were so proud of themselves.

The day EFY ended some of the counselors went to the Grand Canyon where I got a bloody nose, and Jenny spanked my foot to make it stop.

After that trip Steven left for the week to go to Vegas for scout camp while I stayed in Flagstaff for another round of EFY. We would not see each other again until the next week in Thatcher... Stay tuned...


  1. Steven is a cutie patootie. And my son looks EXACTLY like Steven did when he was little. It makes me happy, because it gives me hope that he will be as handsome as Steven is when he gets older.

  2. Ohhhhhhh I miss being an EFY counselor so stinkin' much. Way too much fun. And it's true - Nat's son is Steven's clone.