Sunday, April 11, 2010

South Cackalacky

Whew! I was finally able to upload some pictures!!!
Here are WAY TOO MANY pictures of our trip to South Carolina/ a short stay in Florida.
A big thanks to my in laws for making the trip so fun.
Please enjoy.

The Hale's old house!

Our waitress probably felt bad for Steven because I kept trying to steal the cherry in his Sunday. She brought me this and is now my best friend.

On our way home.


  1. What a fun trip to South Carolina. It looks so beautiful there. I wanna go :) and I totally love all the Cherrys on your ice cream...that's too funny!!!

  2. You're killing me. I miss my cousins, aunt, and uncle. And I'd like to know what it's like to be somewhere warm. My mom got me one of those baskets when she went to SC to visit your folks back when they lived there! I love those multi-colored buildings. Sooo pretty. P.S. Will you become my personal stylist? Your clothes, hair, accessories are SO STINKIN' CUTE. I have no sense of style. Zero.