Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Day!

Today I found out that boyfriend is coming to concert in October... when I will be 7 months pregnant and oh so hot...

Seriously? I could not be more excited!
Sufjan Stevens is... AMAZING! 
Steven, Hailee and her husband, and my brother Cole are coming. Par- tay.  

Also, we are headed to Utah today and I can not wait! I hear that the high is 95.
I better bring my sweater or I might freeze to death...
But for serious. I LOVE the valley of the sun here in Arizona but I wish that I could just move to Flagstaff, Show Low, or Prescott for the summer where the heat is much more bearable. So, basically I want to be a snow bird. But i promise I will NOT drive like one. Ugh. Who thinks it's a good idea to let those people drive anyways?
Short story...
The first time that Steven came here (to see me) was in October. Just when the snow birds start to trickle in...
Every time I would drive he would get mad at me for having "road rage."
He even told me that I am at my worst when I am driving (which is true. That's why I let my man drive everywhere. It's really better for everyone. Not only because I get angry but... I fall asleep. It's true).
See, he did not have any road rage and did not understand why I was so angry at the old drivers.
And then he moved here...
Guess who has caught a little case of the road rage when it comes to snow bird season?
If you have never experienced driving with a flock of snow birds I dare you the come to the valley between the months of October and April. And I triple dog dare you not to curse, yell, or throw up the "WTF" hands. Seriously, try it.
Ta Ta. We are headed off to "the place."

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  1. Yeah. I hear you on the Snow Birds (which is so funny, because up here, we call them the Sun Birds!!). And some old people are just plain MEAN.