Thursday, October 21, 2010

What did you say?

Steven and I have a lot in common.
However, one thing that we do not have in common is our taste in music.
Whenever I would make "my list" of husbandly qualities a "good taste in music" was always at the top of the list. By "good taste" I meant my taste in music. This was VERY important to me and I could not imagine spending my life with someone who did not understand this side of me.
Music was my life during Jr high and high school. I hardly went a weekend without seeing a local band or listening to new bands. It was my passion.
Rewind a few years to when I met Steven... Country, rap loving Steven.
Quickly this quality that was once so high on my list became something of less importance and I learned to live with, and even like the music I once found repulsive.
Over the past 2 years we have both made compromises when it comes to our different taste in music. I listen to mine when Steven is not around (not that he does not like it, he just does not know it) and together we listen to Glee, Les Mis, Regina Spektor, with some of Steven's country and rap mixed in there.
We have even been to some country concerts together and I even had fun and I may have danced a little bit to the music.
Before each country concert we would go to Steven would make sure that I had the bands music on my ipod so that I would know the songs at the concert (it is always so much more enjoyable when you know the music).
Tomorrow we will be going to a concert (SUFJAN STEVENS!) that I have been amazingly excited for, for a while now. Since this is "my" music, Steven did not know any of the artists music and I was not sure how excited he was about going.
Last night as we were cuddling he spouted out some words
(Adlai, Adlai
What did you say
And what is the answer?)
to a tune that I recognized.
Apparently he had been listening the Sufjan Stevens without me even prompting it! It really is the little things...
A- I realize this story is a little silly and may not be blog worthy
B- I think it's really cute that he would listen to Sufjan behind my back, and in my mind it is definitely blog worthy.
C- Steven considers me a "music snob." This is totally true, he knows it and so do I. I just know what I like and I stick to it.
D-I also want to point out that Steven does not just like country and rap. He enjoys a classic rock, hip hop, some indie and the list goes on. I wanted to make sure that everyone understands that he is a lover of all kinds of different music.


  1. Ewwww, I HATE country music!! I'm with ya there. But I LOVE rap. Cute that Steven has been listening to that dude to "prepare" for the concert. So blog-worthy. In my mind, ANYTHING is blog-worthy. I blogged about my toothbrush holder the other day.

  2. K I totally know how you feel. I dated a guy that didn't have the same taste in music and car rides were pretty awkward. Luckily, Don and I like similar music, but you married a good man. So cute that he listened to your band before the concert!