Thursday, November 4, 2010


Photo by Reachel Bagley
Me at 29 weeks
 This is a follow up of my last post...
On Tuesday I met with the wonderful Reachel from cardigan empire. She too is pregnant and just a few weeks father along than I am with a boy as well! It's a trend, I tell you!
I have been having a particularly difficult time dressing my growing belly lately. Meeting with Reachal gave me just the boost I needed. She taught me how to dress my body with what cuts and colors I should and should not wear. She ran around Anthropologie grabbing clothes for me to try on so that she could teach me what works with my body at this point in my life (meaning pregnancy).The best part is that none of the clothes she had me try on were maternity, yet they fit perfectly.  I learned so much and I was so inspired.
When I got home from our styling session that evening I told Steven all about it. I was excited to apply the things I learned from her into my life. And then I looked at the clothes in my closet... Hardly any of my clothes still fit me and the ones that do still fit are getting seriously worn out.
Last night my friend Hailee and I went to the temple together. Before going I went to my closet to put on some church clothes and slipped on the one of the two skirts I have that still fit me... and then I called Steven and cried. Major pregnancy moment. I am not proud of it, but it just happens sometimes... Right?
After a very uplifting time at the temple I came home to a very excited husband (this is where it gets really cute)...
While I was gone he went to Old Navy (by himself) and shopped in the maternity section. He was not sure what size I was but he figured that I was the same size as the mannequins (I am not kidding) and got me the same size clothing that they were wearing. Lucky for him, I apparantly am the same size. He bought me a new shirt, pants, and a church dress. He even followed the advice that Reachel gave me and got the colors that work best for me and everything. I LOVE being married to that guy!
Reachel posted about our session on her blog Cardigan Empire. Check it out and look at the rest of her blog! She has so much great info about anything fashion!!
Oh, and I may have gone back to buy ssomething that she had me try on with my mom. I could not help myself...


  1. Ugh, I hate that stage, where only a few things fit. But then you don't want to buy more maternity stuff, because you'll only use it for a few more months... My BFF gave me a shirt and some pants like a week before I had my baby, and now they're too huge to wear, and that makes me sad. I only wore that outfit, like, twice!!

  2. oh my heck! You are so stinking cute! I am so excited for you guys! What a champion of a husband you got! That was so cute! Aside from an occasional break down here and there, I hope that you are doing well!!