Friday, December 17, 2010


I think that it is about time to post pictures from Halloween and Thanksgiving... I am a slacker but now that I am on bed rest I have much more time to post! (They got kind of out of order)

This pumpkin and the one I am holding in the picture above are both mine... I am a little special when it comes to carving pumpkins. 

Steven's. Naturally. 

Thanksgiving morning football

Steven fried a turkey for the whole family... IT. WAS. PERFECT!

Just dance. Fun to watch.
Not fun to participate in on thanksgiving day while 8 months pregnant... Just trust me.

I don't think we had enough pies... This is not even including the pies that were in the fridge.  What can I say? Tipton's like their pie. 

The teenagers and their toys. 

Outside to play the annual Thanksgiving kickball game. 

I told her to strike a pose. This is what she gave me. 

My belly freaks him out. 

Homemade chocolate silk pie. My little contribution to the Thanksgiving festivities. 
These pictures should be at the top but I am too lazy to switch them all around...

The gang

Hailee and I had a hard time carving our pumpkins... There is always next year!

Isn't he attractive...? 

Welp, that is all the pictures I have for now! Stay tuned for our family pictures taken a few weeks ago...

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  1. Whoa, Steven looks just like Kregg when he wears his glasses. Ca-razy. And that picture of the teenagers with their gadgets - nuts. So different than when I was a teenager. Times they are a-changin'.