Monday, March 21, 2011

It's body talk time!

*  I really hope that I don't come off as vain in this post.*

I have been thinking a lot about my body. I seriously can't get over how amazing the body is. 3 months ago I was carrying an extra 35 pounds, mostly all stationed on my front side, and now that 35 pounds are almost gone and my once very stretched stomach is almost back to it's original shape.
Also (and this may be kind of gross to talk about but...) I pushed a 5 pound human being out of my body and even though my body was all of of sorts for a few weeks it's pretty much all back to normal. It blows my mind. I think that the human body, especially those bodies that have born children, are unbelievable!

As amazing as I think that my body is for healing so rapidly, I constantly have to remind myself that I had a baby and it will take time for my body to go back to the way that is was pre pregnancy, if it does at all. 
Sometimes I look at pictures like this:

And I kind of start to feel bad about myself and my appearance and I want that body back... and then I look at these pictures:


 And suddenly I don't feel so bad, I am grateful that I no longer look like the above pictures and I am excited to work my tail off and feel good about my body again. But for now I have to remember that I have come a long way and I sacrificed my body to bring Winston into this world and to me, that is a small, small price to pay.

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  1. I never feel so good about my body as I do after it's created, supported, and pushed out a baby. Our bodies are so amazing. If they don't go back to where they were, oh well. I'm kind of proud of my stretch marks. They're like war wounds, you know? "I did THIS for you, Gage."