Friday, April 22, 2011


Today my son, Winston is 4 months old! I can't believe that we have been parents for 4 months already. He gets bigger every single day. It's disgusting.
So speaking of disgusting Winston and I are both losing our hair. No, we are not 60 year old men.
I have heard that it is common for women to lose some hair after having a baby but for some reason I did not think that it would happen to me. Dumb Emily. Winston is starting to grab at things and his favorite thing at the moment to grab at is my hair. So now whenever he grabs my hair most of it stays in his hand and when I sit down on the couch and get up my hair stays on the couch. My hair is everywhere. EVERYWHERE... screaming infidelities. Oh Dashboard... Anyways, Winston is losing his hair on the sides and he has a nice bald spot right on the back of his head. Looks like he has new hair coming in and it is BLONDE. Like white blonde.
Well, that's all for now. Please pray for my hair.


  1. How fun! Maybe Winston will be a little towhead, like my Micah. I love towheads. Sorry your hair is falling out. Mine falls out all the time, no matter what - thyroid disease. It's special. I know what you mean when you say "it's disgusting" about Winston growing so quickly. It makes me so mad that Gage is growing too quickly. He's my last, and I'm sad at how fast it's going.

  2. The same thing happened to me! I thought a lot fell out while I was pregnant, but it was nothing compared to the first several months after! It. Was. EVERYWHERE! It would just fall out in clumps and clumps, it was so sad. Then it just hopefully you're almost to that point!

  3. Sad! Just one of the joys of pregnancy! Jacob was always so annoyed/discusted that my hair was everywhere he looked even on his g's from the washer. oops! Thankfully it stops soon!(mine lasted forever)
    Winston will look adorable no matter what! You will always look beautiful no matter what also.

  4. Oh thank you all for comforting me with your hair falling out stories! I am glad that I am not the only one. I am for sure regretting getting black couches now. Blonde hair on black couches does not go unnoticed. Also, I have clogged 3 drains in our house multiple times... This is the first time in a long time that I have had it "long" and I am this close to chopping it all off.