Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekends Review

I have not documented anything about our fun weekends. Nor have I even posted one picture of our friends on here in the longest time. We seriously play with them so often. I guess we just have so much fun with them that I forget to take pictures. But not this weekend. 
Steven made some of his famous, authentic tacos (the boy served his mission in Cali. in the San Fernando Valley spanish speaking and now he is basically Hispanic. Funny how that happens) and we invited our friends over to enjoy them with us.
We have been spending much of our time with two couples. The first coule (the couple on the left of this picture) are Hailee and Travis Autry. I have mentioned Hailee on here before because she is my BFF from high school. When we moved to Mesa we moved into their ward on purpose just like the old days when she moved into my ward way back when we were 13. Now they only live 1.1 miles away and living close to them is like me being in high school all over again! Sadly they are moving the Egypt (aka Queen Creek) this month... Sad day for me. We think that they are both very funny, witty, and they have the best facebook statuses always. 
The second couple are Ken and Madison Obray. We met in our ward in Mesa. They live one condo over from us so it's hard not to hang out with them. When Madison is at work we babysit Ken and when Steven is at work they babysit Winston and me. It works out nicely. Ken is half Japanese and his family lives where Cole is serving his mission! He and Steven are involved in a pretty serious bro-mance. But the wives don't mind. We enjoy our girl + Winston time.                                                                 

 Also this weekend:
 We spent some time- pool side. It's a hard life.
 In honor of my brother Truman's Birthday I took him to Smeeks candy shop in Phoenix. He had a fun time. I am pretty sure it's a place meant for little kids but I don't think that I will ever stop loving candy shops. Especailly ones as cute as this one.
 Perhaps the biggest news of the weekend is that Winston Finally decided to roll his little body over. He went from his stomach to his back and I know that it is not as hard as going back to stomach and some people don't count it as rolling over (we learned this while talking to people about hitting his newest milestone) but it counts to us. And we could not be more proud of our rolling bebe.

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  1. Tears. I miss you guys! Xelly misses her little fiend and I miss mine!
    Please take a road trip soon!!!