Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gilbert Temple!

For those of you who do not know, Arizona has been a pretty popular place for building temples the last few years. We started with the Mesa temple (which my ancestors helped build) way back in the day, then when I was about 13 the Snow Flake temple was built. About 2 years ago the Gila Valley temple was built and now we are waiting on the Gilbert and Phoenix temple to be finished... Whew.
Today Winston and I took a trip down to Gilbert (about 20 minutes away from our house with no traffic) to see the Angel Moroni in his new and final spot, right on top of the temple. We just missed seeing it placed on top but I am still glad that we were able to see it on the day it was set there.

I know that Winston won't remember this day but I felt that it was so important that he was there. I want him to know that he was there to see a part of history.


  1. oh this beautiful temple. What a sweet post. Also, great hair Emily. Sheesh. I'm a big fan. looks great on you :)

    We went out for our "first date" last week and I think we kind of forgot how to date because we were bickering pretty bad. The GPS took us right to the temple instead of our intended destination (Old Navy). Nice little reminder. :)

  2. Haha that GPS knows what it is doing! What a great story. We bickered a ton after Winston... I blamed it on my after baby hormones but who knows.
    Uh and thank you for the compliment on my hair! Always nice to here.