Thursday, July 5, 2012

Called to Serve!

The Tipton family now has not only one, not two, but THREE missionaries out right now! My brother Cole has been serving for almost a year and a half and my awesome grandparents just left to serve in Roseville, California.  Steven and I can't wait until we are in their shoes and are able to go on a mission together.
The days leading up to their departure was spent with lots of family. We had our "last supper" together at Mimi's Cafe (a tradition in our family), we all went to the "farewell" where all the smaller grandkids and Winston, the only great grandchild, got to wear future missionary tags. We then had a family program, and we finished up the week with them being set apart. Whew!
I am so happy for them. They will do great things.

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