Monday, July 30, 2012

Emily- The Olympian.

This evening, after putting Winston to bed, Steven and I spent some time together watching the olympics. To be completely honest we are STILL sitting next to each other watching the olympics. And this what we will be doing every free moment for the next two weeks.
We were watching swimming and we saw the amazing high school girl win gold for the US of A. We began high fiving and cheering (obviously) and then, Steven proceeds to tell me basically how he would totally make out with a gold medalist no matter how she looked. Just to say he did it. (I am assuming that he meant he would have liked to kiss one BEFORE we were married... still not super clear on that though.) I am sure this next part was all in my head but I could tell that he was getting all hot and bothered thinking about how cool it would be to kiss an olympian.
Aaaand in true girly fashion I... got jealous. Not crazy girl jealous. More like a... "Hey, I am pretty cool too" kind of jealous.
Just to prove to him how cool I am I did this...
Yep. I got out every award that I won (and kept) from ages 5 to 18 and set them all up.
I can win awards too. 
I am pretty cool too. 
Kissing ME is pretty neat.
We can't all be Olympians.

If that class clown award does not impress him, I don't know what will. 

P.S. Steven has yet to see the masterpieces I have set out for him. 
They are just sitting on our bed waiting to be seen. 
I think he will love it.