Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why am I here and not there?

After a week long stay at Newport Beach we are back! Getting into the groove of everyday life and responsibilities is proving to be very difficult for me. I feel like I need to ease myself into it all again. However, it was nice coming home to a clean house, and a huge storm that made the weather a little cooler.
Even though we are no longer at the beach I feel like we brought most of it with us. I am still finding sand in everything. Our stroller, shoes, swim suits, luggage, ears. A constant reminder that I am here and not there. I miss the beach... 
Plenty of pictures of our trip coming soon, don't even worry (were you worried?). And in case you are worried here is a teaser. I call this one "Double Vision" because Steven has on 2 pairs of glasses to read his book. Get it?

You are welcome. 

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