Thursday, September 13, 2012

Steven's true love.

When Steven and I were very early into our dating days, we were driving in the car back to my house after a date. On the way Steven decided to reveal a side of himself that was a little scary at first but one that I have come not only to accept but to love. It was on this night that Steven put on a CD in the car and told me about his true love.
His true love happens to be... Les Miserables.
After we pulled up to my house we sat in the car as Steven went from song to song explaining very passionately the entire story and what was happening during each song.
Steven is usually very cool, calm and collected. But that night I learned that the second he starts talking about Les Mis he loses his walls.
I have heard him say that besides the scriptures, Les Mis is the most life changing book. Or something like that. He is a little lot obsessed with this book and play. It really is adorable.
Together we have only seen the show onstage once and Steven (with all kinds of other girls of course) has seen it multiple times.
So now that you have an idea of how deeply my husband loves Les Mis you can appreciate the rest of the story.
A couple days ago a friend of ours was selling a ticket, on a facebook post, to the Les Mis that is traveling through Phoenix right now. I saw the post, thought it would be so fun to go to but since it was only one ticket I didn't really think twice about it. I could never go to Les Mis without my husband.
A couple hours later Steven called me.
He asked me if I wanted to go Les Mis the following night. So excited I immediately responded yes. Well actually I said, "that is a stupid question" because really he should have known that answer.
He then said,
"Ok. You are going to go with our friends (the ones selling the ticket) and I am going to stay home with Winston. You can't object. You are going."
Do you even understand how lucky I am that my husband would set up for me to go to his all time favorite show ever (that I enjoy almost as much) so that I could get another night out while he stayed at home with our son?
I can't even.
The show was amazing. Amazing. I cried at least ten times. The cast was fantastic.
The whole time I could not help but think about how much I wish that Steven was sitting right next to me. But I did not let that distract me too much from the show. Did I mention that it was amazing?
I am actually considering doing something that Steven asked me to do while we were dating... Actually read the book. I am starting today! Wish me luck.

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  1. Oh my Sweetness. That is True Love right there! PS: Les Mis is THE BEST- book & show.