Friday, March 22, 2013

4 Years!!

I love my husband. 
I am really, really loving this whole being married thing. 
I love that I have a loving, committed and super hot companion to go through life with. I consider myself so lucky that this person is Steven.
After 4 years of being married to Steven, I like to think that I have learned a few things. 
Like Steven is 100% better at doing laundry than I am. He should be the only one allowed to do it in this house. He already does the majority of it...
The man really, really enjoys his own cooking (and I do too so everyone wins).
If Steven makes his own plate for dinner he will almost never put any fruit or veggies on it. However if I make his plate he will eat everything I put on it. I try to make his plate as much as possible. :)
Sharing a bed with a man who is 6'2" and loves his pillows, makes for very restricted sleeping positions on my part. Even in our king size bed.
We both agree that the best time of day is from about 8:00pm to 10:30pm. This is our time for us to unwind and relax and watch a few TV shows while we snuggle. This has happened pretty much on a nightly basis since we got married. And I absolutely love it. 
Steven always makes me feel so, so loved. I hope he feels the same from me. 
He is the best father to Winston. He completely lights up when he is with Winston. Watching him teach Winston to throw/ catch a ball, and having massive tickle fights with him, make for some of my favorite memories ever.  
Watching him worry and work so hard for our growing family helps me to realize what an incredible man I married. 
Almost everything he does, he does for us.
It is incredible to me that my love for a man I thought I knew so well keeps growing deeper and deeper. I am still learning so much about him. Watching him change, grow and progress in life makes me so proud to be his wife.
This last weekend we celebrated our 4 year anniversary. Steven came up with the entire weekend. He got a few babysitters for Winston so that we could pretty much have the whole weekend to ourselves. He even got to spend a night with my parents! Lucky kid.
It was seriously the best staycation with the most amazing company ever! I was very spoiled. 
We had some amazing food, saw a super stupid movie, went clothes shopping, saw Fiddler on the Roof and spent lots of quality time with just the 2 of us. 
And now, some delicious eye candy for your viewing pleasure. 

(Now as I am adding these pictures I realize that most of them are of food. Which is a totally accurate portrayal of what Steven and I like doing best- finding delicious food to eat. We are self proclaimed foodies.) 
{We started off our weekend with some YC's for lunch and then a spring training game.}

{Dinner at Postino's. Best bruschetta, atmosphere, and salad (probably ever!).}

{Dinner the next next night at Pane Bianco in Downtown Phoenix. Adorable, cozy place with some delicious and simple food. We WILL be going back.}

{One of the only pictures where we are not eating... Waiting for fiddler to start.}
A blessing on your head.
Mazel tov! 



  1. My husband does the same thing when he makes his plate...I "suggest" fruits & veggies right on there for him...;) Happy 4 years!..and Congrats on expecting baby #2!