Friday, January 17, 2014

He hears me.

For some reason Winston has been getting scared going to bed lately. We have been talking to him about praying to Heavenly Father whenever he is scared or needs help. Now of course I think just about everything I teach this 3 year old goes in one ear and out the other. It's frustrating, but part of the gig.
Last night I heard Winston crying at 1:00 in the morning. He doesn't usually wake up in the middle of the night anymore and when he does he just goes right back to sleep. But, I could tell this cry was different. We have kept his door locked from the outside for a while, but lately we have been keeping it unlocked because he has been doing so good not climbing into bed with us all hours of the night. The fact that he was in his room crying and not in our room, was a big indicator that something was wrong.
When I walked into his room he was sitting on his bed in a big puddle of vomit. He was so confused and shaking and crying and it was almost enough to break my heart. I got him and his bed cleaned up and took him into our bed to sleep.
As soon as we snuggled up into our bed he looked at me and said, "Mom, Heavenly Father heard me. He answered my prayers."
I am not sure what he prayed for or how it was answered, but the fact that he recognizes that he can count on Heavenly Father to help him, and he answers our prayers is more than I can ask for.
He ended up throwing up 4 more times only to act and feel perfectly fine by morning time.
However, his little prayer discovery trumps anything yucky that happened last night.
I think that watching my childrens testimonies of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ grow will be the highlight of my life.


  1. This brought tears to MY eyes. What a truly beautiful testimony from that little boy..Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Girl, you are doing something right. He's only three! And he knows that he can pray for help!! My three year old can't even tell me what he wants. Sigh. I had you pinned for a type 1! You're a party animal! I love that you're discovering this at the same time I am. I totally thought Stevie would be a type 2. Weird. It's those Hale genes coming out. A whole lotta type 4's in the Hale brood. Take it from me, a type 2 who totally doesn't get type 4's. And I feel you when you said Winston was a type 3 and then went (yikes!). Big time. Hahaha! Love, love, love. Someday we will meet, and much fun will be had. (Because type 1 is also my strong tendency. Not my dominant, but my second dominant.) Have you done the free online course, where they e-mail you a little webisode every day for a week? Been looooving that.