Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Big move to Texas!

In September that Hale family packed up our beloved home in Mesa, Arizona and moved 15 hours away to Dallas, Texas. Specifically Allen, Texas, just north of Dallas.
Why did we move?
When Steven was getting ready to graduate, he started looking around for jobs. He was offered two solid jobs. Both with a big 4 accounting firm, both would be great for his career and both paid about the same. One job was in Phoenix and the other was in Dallas. Though it seems like the answer there would be obvious, we decided to pray and fast about it. After that we both got the same answer. We needed to be in Dallas.
This was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. Leaving my family and taking my children away from their grandparents and cousins has been heartbreaking.
However, we have made a home in Allen. We bought a house and have made many new, great friends. We love the parks, and museums here and the town is very family oriented. There is a lot of green, BBQ, and trees and football. We have been given callings in the ward, me in the primary presidency and Steven in the young mens presidency. Though we miss Arizona and our families, this little time on our own has helped us grow as a family. We are happy here.

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