Monday, April 6, 2009

San Fran is for lovers.

Why oh why is it tradition to only have one honeymoon? As soon as we were on our way home form San Fran I was ready for another one...Too bad I can't have everything I want right?
We did have such a blast! Our hotel was in fishermans warf right in the middle of everything. We were able to walk almost everywhere and save money by not going in the stupid cabs... The first night we were there we went and listened to the London Symphony in one of the most beautiful concert halls I have ever seen. The music was BEAUTIFUL! The second day we made our way over to China town, where I made Steven try some of my favorite Asian candy. (Yes I am drooling right now thinking about it.) Then we headed over to ghiradelli square where we had a, dare I saw it, much improved pizookie. (drool.) The third day we went on a whole city tour! Amazing. And our last day we went over to Alcatraz, can you say creepy? Then that night we went and saw Wicked. I do believe that we saved the best for last. Simply breath taking. Everyone should go see Wicked. I have to mention the food! Never before have I had such wonderful food. Which reminds me of how hungry I am. I crave the food that we had there on a daily basis. Love. We really did have a beyond amazing time and we are very much looking forward to our next visit there!
Love, Emily

On Our way to catch our plane!!!

Here we are waiting to hear the symphony

Cute right?

Oh China town.
Delicious rice cakes Asian style
Look closely at this 0ne...
Ah one of the best nights of my life. Can you see the excitement on my face?
He was excited too
Words can't describe
The day of our city tour
Japanese tea garden
Yes. That one did turn out nicely
Oh my own little karate kid.
The 7 sisters
If this looks familiar to you, you are probably a fan of Full House

The Golden Gate BridgePossibly Steven's favorite part of our whole trip.


  1. O Emily that looks so fun! vacationing definitely gets more fun when you're married. :) glad to know life's treating you well!

  2. yay for honeymoons!!! i'm so happy that you two had such a blast!! that's the way it should be! and i'm jealous that you saw wicked...womp, womp. someday, i will see it too. it was good to see you and your love yesterday!!

  3. Ah Cute Emily, Im so jealous you got to watch Wicked!
    Hope all is well with you guys!