Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Official

I am one of the worst blogger ever! It's not that I don't like blogs, I only stalk peoples blogs every chance I get. I just don't like my blog... I think my love for blogging and my super blogging skills will kick in once I have kids (in ten years) and I feel the need to show off the cutest kids ever. We already feel bad for them... They are going to have the biggest mouths this world has ever seen.
I love being married. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I think everyone should do it.

What else to say...

Oh! Let me quickly explain what happened to my blog... I want this freakin back round off of here more than you will ever know. After spending HOURS of trying to figure it out I got frustrated and deleted it. Thankfully I figured out how to restore it. yay. I really am working on becoming a true blue dedicated blogger. Seriously.

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