Monday, September 28, 2009

An Act of God?

WE GOT A NEW CAR! WE GOT A NEW CAR! Oh we are sooo excited for our new purchase. For those of you who have driven in our old car (or even seen it) know that it's time is almost due. We tried to trade it in... but decided that it was probably worth a little more then the $100 they were willing to give us for it... Watch out craigslist, a HOT 1997 Geo Prism is coming your way.
Here is the story...
This weekend we took a little trip to Payson with Steven's family. We almost did not make it going up those mountains. Going 35 miles on the highway does not make ANYONE happy. During our lovely (scary) ride home we decided that getting a new car was probably a great idea. As soon as we got home we ventured out in search for a new car that:
- did not shake
- was only one color
- got up hills with ease
- was not so loud that you can't hear yourself think
- did not have a major alignment issue
- breaks worked...
- gas gage worked
- had enough room to fit people in the back seat

and oh so much more!

As soon as we pulled up to the dealership in our old dying car (which I named Phoebe) we realized that our tire was completely flat! Sign? I think so. That's when we knew that we had support from on high.

We went on our car shopping with much enthusiasm.
And then it happened.
We found her. She is beautiful. We love her.
I will post pictures as soon as I get a chance.
We are still deciding on a name... is that weird?
So far we come up with:
and Heffa.
I like them combined. We will see.

P.S. I know that our older car is horrible but why do I still love it? Why am a secretly glad we did not trade it in? Why do I want to keep it forever and ever?
I have a sick attachment to that car. But I can't help it.

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