Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A sneak peak...

Yesterday Steven and I were supposed to babysit Juliette's kids together. But, i got invited to go to OREGANO'S with Juliette and others for her Birthday instead. How could I pass that up? So, being the awesome wife that I am I volunteered Steven to babysit her kids by himself while we went out. Steven was a trooper and said that he would do it.

I. was. stressing.

1. I felt so bad for ditching him
2. I had no idea how he would handle three kids by himself.

He only called me one time to see if Juliette would let Malloy and Nixie watch their "favorite" movie, Indiana Jones...? Nice.
When dinner was over and I got back to Juliette's I was nervous to see how the night had gone for Steven and the kids.
As soon as I saw them my heart melted. Steven, Nixie, and Malloy were all sitting on the bed watching the movie together. They all proceeded to tell me how much fun they all had. They even had... family night! I died. What a cute husband. He told me that Malloy said the opening prayer, and prayed for garbage, and Nixie said the closing prayer, and prayed for Steven and me, and for her daddy (who is doing an internship away from home) to live with them forever. Tear. They also had to say one thing that they loved about Jesus. Malloy loved him as a baby and Nixie liked that he loves children. ( I have a feeling that I am going to be the worst blogger mom.)
I do not get to see this side of Steven very often. He tries not to show it because he has a fear that if I know how much he loves kids that I will want a baby right away... which is not true.
I just love to see Steven like this and how much he adores kids. I feel like I get little sneak peaks of how he will be as a father... someday... in a while.

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  1. That is too cute. favorite: "and prayed for garbage" awesome. :) way to be a good "dad" Steven!