Monday, October 12, 2009

Amazing husband= Amazing weekend

Steven and I had a great weekend! It all started on Friday evening when Steven came home from his all day golf tournament and presented me with tickets to the Cardinals game. He actually won them in a raffle! Whata stud. The seats were amazing and it was our first NFL game. Steven was SO excited and I am so happy that he wanted to take me. Even though I am not a fan of sports Steven has not given up on me and always explains what is going on in the game so that I can stay interested and understand what the heck is going on. I am trying to like sports. Really, I am.

Actually Saturday was not a super great day... I had Oliver practice from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. While I was there Steven took our beautiful new car to the dealership to get our key fixed. While he was there they took him into an office and told him that there were some problems with our financing and that we would have to pay A LOT more than we expected for the car. Since Steven and I were already stretching the budget to keep the car he decided to just give the car back to them instead of having to pay tons more money. Oh how I miss her. I was almost heart broken until Steven told me how much we would be saving without all of those payments. Don't worry, we are still going to get a new car. We are just going to wait till we have enough cash saved up to buy one then and there so that they can't take it away from us again after 2 weeks.

Afterwards we went to Oregano's. Always makes me feel better.

Sunday we ran 3.2 miles in the race for the cure. I know, I know. We did break the sabbath. But in our defense it was a GREAT cause.

Steven is an amazing person. I think one of his greatest talents is to motivate others. It's so neat to me the way that he connects with people. Every time we go running he let's me set the pace and the whole time we run he encourages me and he makes me push myself.

As soon as Steven heard about the race for the cure he immediately started talking it up to our co workers. After some convincing and motivating Steven got about five people we know from work to run it with us. What an amazing experience. There were many highlights of the race. Such as finishing in 30 minutes, crossing the finish line, seeing all of those who have survived cancer, seeing pictures of those who had died from cancer (it was a great reminder of why we were there) but I have to say that the highlight for me was after we finished the race, one of our co workers (who is so cute) came up to Steven with a great smile and said

"Thank you so much for making me do this. This is amazing."... or something like that. See? He has a gift. I am one lucky girl.
This picture was in the newspaper! I outlined Steven and me. Don't I look awesome? Some of the people around us (including the ones in front of me) are the ones we work with.

And lastly... We have a tradition! Every Sunday night we have a game night with are awesome friends Preston and Alex Hansen. They are in our ward, newly married and we love them! Last night we played a new game called the "flour game." Basically there is a mound of flour with a dime on top. Each player has to take turns cutting off pieces of the flour. If the flour mound falls down while you are cutting then you have to dig through the flour, using only your mouth to find the dime. It was so funny. Until it happened to me.

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