Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Because I love my brother...

Sunday on our way to church I recieved this text message from my brother Cole:

"It's gonna be fun when you're pregnant, huh? I love pregnant ladies. We will rent movies and get ice cream... DON'T GET PREGNANT TIL AFTER MY MISSION, OR ELSE!"

Now, I realize how random, funny or cute that message was (who knew he liked pregnant ladies so much?) but what really hit me is that he is seriously planning on serving a mission. Cole has gone through many struggles and hard times in his short life. Whatching him change this past year has been amazing and so inspirational. He has become the person that I always knew he could be. I know that the people he serves are going to love him. Even though it's a little over a year until he leaves I am so proud of him for taking the steps to serve a mission...

Yep. He's gonna be great.

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