Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dance Dance Revolution

Friday night we had a great time with our friends April and David Gould! We were celebrating April's Birthday. We started the night out right by surprising her at Peter Piper Pizza. Why do I love it there so much? After we stuffed our faces we took them to play Dance Dance Revolution. Yes, you read that right. Dance dance revolution. If you thought that people stopped playing after they turn 15 you are wrong. Dead wrong. Even though I am pretty sure I am the worst DDR player I still had tons of fun. We then took a little break and went bowling. (DDR was actually in the bowling ally.) Of course I lost bowling. Oh well, we had a great night with those Goulds!

Needless to say we got in about a weeks worth of exercise doing 1 hour of DDR. I am pretty sure my calve muscles are just a little bit bigger.

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