Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Hansel

The other day I realized something about Steven that I had not noticed before... Wherever he goes he leaves a trail. When he goes into the kitchen he leaves a cabinet or two open, when he sits on the couch he puts the pillows on the floor, when he does his homework he sets up an "office" in the family room, if he goes into the bathroom the light stays on when he leaves.

It seems as though I always know where Steven has been because of the "trails" he leaves me to find. The other night, out of frustration, I brought this up with him. Apparently he has been aware that he leaves trails behind for a while now. He said that his sweet mother would say that about him (Good! I am not the only one!) When we were first discussing the trails he leaves I was a little angry and frustrated... but the more I thought about the concept of leaving trails, the more I realized what a great thing it was for me.

See, I have a tendency of getting myself LOST... A lot.
( I NEED this bumper sticker!)
No matter how badly his little trails bugged me before I am learning to love them. Now with the trails Steven leaves I will always know how to find him so I will never REALLY be lost. Unless I get in my car and drive by myself... If we can figure out how to have Steven leave me trails when I drive somewhere we would be golden. GOLDEN.
What a perfect pair we make. I get lost, and Steven leaves me trails. My very own Hansel.
P.S. I might have made it sound like Steven is a messy person in this post. He really isn't (I am.)
He is actually really good at keeping things clean... unless he leaves me little trails. Sometimes we have to sacrifice cleanliness for... trails? Yes.

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