Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Halloween...

I did not carve a single pumpkin
I did not go to a pumpkin patch
I did not eat any Carmel apples
I did not watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown or Hockus Pockus
I did not go trick- or - treating
I did not go to any skeezey parties

But I DID dress up...

As a snake... Or some kind of reptile. (thank you goodwill for the best costume of my life.)

I am SO sad that I didn't get any pictures of Steven on my camera but a few other people did so I will have a to get his picture from them. He dressed up as Steven Erwin the crocodile hunter. And he. was. awesome.

Lucky me I got to wear my costume to work!

I LOVED my costume. I feel the best way to celebrate Halloween is to make yourself look as ridiculous as possible. It's just too much work to actually look cute in a costume.

My boss also loved my costume. So much so that he made me go to Wal- Mart (for the first time since I have worked here) and make a copy of a key that he apparently needed RIGHT then. He even took it a step further and told me to get a picture with the person who helped me get the key. IN MY COSTUME. He laughed to himself and I am pretty sure he thought I would never do it.

But I did.

My Halloween treat was my costume and my cute crocodile hunter of a husband, and my Halloween trick was watching 2 baseball games on T.V... I know. It was a mean trick.


  1. So funny. Did your boss think that was a challenge for you????? Silly boss.

  2. I am S I C K that you didn't watch Hocus Pocus or Great Pumpkin! That's tradition. maybe you'll need to get your own copies next year. Didn't carve a pumpkin??!! The insanity. What's happened to you? Ummm great costume, by the way.


  3. You have no idea how sad I am that I broke with tradition. Halloween just came too fast this year I guess. Don't even worry, next year will be amazing!