Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Wish Come True

From the time I came out of the womb until was 13 there were two things that I ALWAYS wanted. I asked for these two things every Birthday, every Christmas, every time I saw a shooting star to wish on, and every time I went under a long tunnel (um yes I do make wishes when I go under long tunnels... still.) I wanted these two things desperately and I am sure my wonderful father and mother remember me begging for them on a regular basis. What are these two things I wanted so badly?
1. a dog
2. a sister

When I was 13 one of those wishes came true! My parents suprised me with the cutest dog which I named Dolly and even though I did not take her on walks nearly as much as I should have, I loved her with all my heart. I was a very, very happy girl the day I got her. (RIP Dolly)
There was another thing that happened when I turned 13... My mom was pregnant and we thought that this one would be a girl for sure. I already had two little brothers so another girl would make sense, 2 girls 2 boys. Well, I prayed and prayed but no matter how much I prayed and begged Heavenly father to give me just one sister he knew what I really needed at the time, another brother. Now I must say that as soon as I saw my brother (Quinn) I immediately fell in love ( I confess that I treat him like he is my baby, even though he is 8 and clearly not mine) and over the next couple months I gave up on my dream of having a sister because 3 brothers was perfect for me. Little did I know...

When I married Steven my once forgotten wish came true. I gained not one, but 4 sisters! It is so true that Heavenly Father answers prayers in his own time and in his own way. I must admit that having only brothers and no sisters I became rather used to the boy stuff. Even though I am a girl myself, I sometimes have a hard time connecting with them so having 4 sisters took some getting used to. I am quickly learning how lucky and blessed I am to have the sisters that I do. They are all amazing in their own way, fun, and such good examples to me. I am so glad that married into the family that I did!
I love observing how different our two families are from each other, but if there is one thing that both families have in common (and possibly the most important) is how much they love each other. They all know the importance of being a family and loving each other, and for that I am eternally grateful.

(Here we are minus one sister and one brother)

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  1. I can't tell you how much I wanted another girl. However, the Lord does know what we need more than we know what we want. I am so very glad I have 3 boys and one beautiful, spiritual, wonderful girl!!