Monday, November 23, 2009


I am sorry. I know that I just did a post and I could have attached this post right along with the other one but... this post deserves to be alone.

WEEZER is coming to town!



Does anyone remember what happened last last time Weezer came to town?

Let me refresh your memory...

My best friend Mandy and I have loved Weezer since birth. When we heard that they were having auditions for about 30 people to play on stage with them we jumped right on board. We had to make a video of us playing a weezer song, post it on youtube, and try to get enough votes to play with them. We did.

See the video here. (bad quality)

Click here to see the video of the concert (also bad quality)

Mandy is the one playing the huge bass and I am right next to her. I am also on the big screen for a split second "!"

I felt like I was going to cry. Playing on stage, with my favorite band, with one of my best friends, in front of TONS of people with my family and Steven in the audience... (sigh.) When I got back stage to pack up my violin right after we got off stage I had 100 (almost) text messages from friends that were at the concert, most of which I had no idea would be there, telling me that they saw me. Confession. I love being the center of attention. I can't wait for this concert! (assuming that someone special will buy me tickets of course. Oh! "someone special" if you are going to buy tickets please do it soooon. I am afraid that they will sell out...)
Don't worry. I will be doing Weezer posts from now until the concert. I just like them a whole lot.
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  1. haha no way! that is so cool that you got to play on stage with them! i am so jealous! i am going to go check out the video! i love weezer too by the way :) you are awesome! i hope your "someone" gets you those tickets ASAP!

  2. okay so i just watched you play? HOLY crap you are amazing! seriously, that is the coolest version of that song that i have ever heard! you guys are so talented!!