Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Review

On Friday at 10:30 pm Steven and I went to see New Moon. I have never read the books, and really don't have a desire to read them. Don't judge me. I have, however chosen a "team." I am now and forever more on TEAM JACOB'S ABS. But seriously? Can you even believe those things?

If you have not read New Moon the movie is awkward, cheesy, and really funny in parts that I think are supposed to be serious and epic?

Case and point.

Anyways, enough with that. I don't really know what I am talking about...

During the movie Steven and I downed a huge cup of Dr. Pepper so that we could stay awake through the movie. We got out of the movies around 12 and realized that we still had tons of energy (that never happens. We are normally in bed by 10:30). We drove around, talked, went and looked at a car we wanted to buy, went to a 24 hour Mc d's drive trough, got home, watched a TV show, and THEN went to bed around 2:30.

Saturday morning and afternoon was filled with cleaning, and shopping. We went over to my SIL Victoria's super cute new apartment and had a little BBQ. We had a great time. Steven and I had to leave around 6:00 to meet up with some friends to "grab a dessert." After we met up with our friends and were all settled in the car together, on our way to get a dessert, Steven confessed that he had surprise for me. I LOVE SURPRISES. Our friend Preston, who was driving started to play the Phantom of the Opera sound track in the car and Steven said "Hey Emily who is this?" I of course immediately blurted out "This is Phantom!" Der. And then I figured it out. He went behind my back, kept his mouth shut, bought Phantom tickets and totally pulled off an awesome surprise! Amazing. I have said it before and I will say it again. Lucky me.
I took as many pictures as I could before they told me to put my camera away...Steven decided that it would be a good idea to keep all of our "ugly" face pictures instead of getting rid of them like everyone else. I think he is right. "Ugly" pictures are so much more fun to take, and look at for everyone.

We had a magnificent time at Phantom! But seriously. I changed my mind. I would like to switch teams. I am now forever more Team Steven. (That seems much more fitting for me).

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