Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 was a great time.

2009 you have been so good to me.
Here are a few reasons why...I married my best friend. Love of my life. Prince charming. My dream guy.
Nothing can top that.
(I give you permission to barf now.)We got to visit one of my favorite cities of all time. SAN FRAN. We can't wait to visit you again!We moved into our first condo with just the 2 of us. I LOVE it there and want to renew the lease... PLEASE Steven?Quinn got baptized. I am SO proud of him. We got to run for boobies. I found this epic Halloween costume at goodwill.
Life changing. Oliver! was so fun. No matter how much I complained about it I am so glad I was able to be in it. We had a MAJOR car update! Our first Christmas together. Um... I just really love this picture. I wish we could take Nixie home with us.
If you ask her who her favorite babysitter is she will say Steven.
And those are a FEW reasons why I loved 2009.
2010. Bring. it. on.

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