Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Steven and I work for the same company (different offices) and the Executive team decided to give us a great start ... or end to the year by shutting the office down at 2:00 as opposed to 5:00. So, Steven and I with his family, made our way to the Coyote hockey game. Of all the sports games I have gone to Hockey is my favorite. By far the most entertaining to me.
Oh Ella. We got off to a pretty rough start that day... Good thing she is so dang cute!
After the game festivities Steven and I headed over to Chilies with some friends from our ward, Tara and Eric. Steven actually played golf with Eric in High School. Small world! Then we ventured over to the hot tub and sipped on some Martinallies. So classy.
(I have no idea why all of that is underlined. Don't get your hopes up thinking it is a link to something... Because It is not.)This really has nothing to do with the New Year but today I walked out of our condo and I saw this

Apparently fall does happen in Arizona. It just comes a little late! How excited am I to crunch all of those leaves? On a scale of 1- 10? You have no idea.
Also, please notice how my husband has kindly opened my door for me. What a gentleman.
Happy New Year everyone!
I hope that all of your wildest dreams come true.


  1. What a fun New Year!! Oooh, I love hockey, too. I love all of the audience participation things. Like, when they put the camera on you, and you have to pretend to limbo underneath a cartoon bar. My fave.

  2. Ok- The hot tub pics look like previews for the Bachelor which is on Monday. Love all the photos! You two are one cute couple. I am laughing so hard that you have a snoring neighbor- yikes! We had a sitter last night and this morning Nixie said-" I don't want Riley (the sitter). She makes me angwy because she's not Emily and Steven. They Love to baby sit and they have yellow hair like me." Then she pouted complete with the bottom lip sticking out. Thanks Steven you've ruined every babysitter for us since you were so good. Just kidding!