Thursday, December 17, 2009

ABC's of ME

Yes Victoria, and Kelsi. I copied you. Thank you for this idea!
No, I don't really think that I am interesting enough to do one of these... Just, bored enough.

Here goes!


Age?- 20. I am still a kid.

Animal?- Elephant!


Birthday?- May 2

Blind or Deaf?- I have actually put a lot of thought into this one. Although it is possible to still play beautiful music while deaf (Beethoven is the perfect example... one of the only ones I know of actually) I would die if I couldn't hear it as well. Plus, I am no where near his talent. No. where. near. Blind would be my choice, although neither of them are too appealing. There are plenty of blind musicians! Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Andrea Bocelli to name a few.

Best Weather?- 72 ish degrees, some white fluffy clouds in the sky, and sunny.

Believe in Santa?- Not going to lie. I am having a REALLY hard time with the whole "Santa" thing this year. I feel like their is less and less focus on the true meaning Christmas and more focus on Santa and the gifts he brings. I feel like Christmas has turned into "Santamas" and it actually makes me sad. Bah humbug...


Candy?- Yes. All of it.

Color?- Yellow!

Cried?- Whew... Last night. Bad dream...

Cake or pie?- Yes. All of it.

Clothing style?- Has not changed since Jr. High. Comfortable, hate wearing high heals any where but church or work, simple, have not found a cowboy shirt or cardigan that I don't like... Time for a wardrobe change...


Day or Night?- Day! The morning time is the best (after 8). I don't really see much of the night. As soon as it gets dark my body is ready for bed.

Danced?- Oh yes. I have danced before. A few times.

Do splits?- That hurts just thinking about it.

E (is for Emily)

Eggs?- with syrup on top.

Eyes?- Two brown ones

Ever failed?- A Class yes. Life, no.


First Crush?- Micah Yetter. I am sure my whole family remembers. Don't even worry. We played "Buttsies" in the closet in preschool at my grandma's house (she was our teacher). I knew all the places we could sneak away and play all the scandalous games we made up.

Full name?- Emily Zoe (pronounced like Joe with a Z, do not make the mistake of calling me ZoeY) Tipton Hale

First thoughts waking up?- I am not going to shower today unless Steven says I should. Sleeping in till 7:30 is way to important to me.

Food?- Yes. All of it.

Favorite place?- In my husbands arms. Cheesy? I don't even care. I speak the truth.


Greatest fear?- Losing someone I love. BUT I know that no matter what happens, there is more when our earthly life is over. We will see the ones we love again restored to a "perfect state."

Goals?- Complete my education, travel the world with the hubs, raise a good family, and go on many missions with the hubs. Preferably in that order.

Get along with your parents?- More now than ever before. It's wonderful.

Good luck charm?- ..... I don't have one. Is that bad? Should I get one?


Hair color?- Well, the bottom of it is brown. The roots are sporting blonde. Sunday, all of it will be back to the natural blonde. I want to stop dying my hair for a while so it can come back to life...

Height?- 5'5" On a good day.

Happy?- More now than ever before (thanks Steven)

Holiday?- CHRISTmas.

Hate?- Blue cheese. gag.


Ice cream?- Yes. All of it.

Instrument?- Violin, piano... I really want a viola... and piano. and electric violin. Gosh. I want, I want, I want.


Jewelry?- I am a simple girl. I wear my wedding ring and the ring that Steven proposed to me with.

Job?- Real Estate Assistant


Kids?- Seeing as how I am still a kid I don't want to be having any of my own soon. Although I do really like them and wouldn't mind having a few... or six.

Keep a journal?- I used to be SO GOOD at it when I was younger. Back when there was absolutely nothing interesting about my life what so ever. Still, they are fun to go back and read.


Longest car ride?- 12 hours? I can't really complain.

Laughed so hard you cried?- and peed my pants.


Milk flavor?- ALWAYS skim. Chocolate as well please!

Movie?- Lord of the Rings- Return of the King

Marriage?- Is awesome. Everyone should try it when they are ready.


Number of siblings?- 3- brothers, 4- sister in laws, 1 brother in law.

Number of piercing?- 1 in each ear.

Number?- 8. I just love writing it.


Overused phrase?- I know that there are sooo many. Why can't I think of them right now?

One phobia?- I seriously worry about losing my limbs. I don't even want to talk about it.

Overseas?- What is this asking? Have I been overseas? Yes. Japan.


Place you'd like to live?- The place does not really matter( although Mesa would be ideal). As long as I am with Steven I am home. (goodness I am super cheesy)

Perfect pizza?- Oregano's BBQ

Pepsi/ Coke? - Dr. Pepper.


Reasons to cry?- I am a girl. Do I really need a reason?

Radio Station?- 99.9 during the holidays, 103.9, 104.7, 98.3, and there are only certain places in Mesa where I can get this radio station but I love it 101.1.

Roll you tongue?- Oh yes.


Salad dressing?- Ranch

Sushi?- Anything without shrimp. I am allergic.

Skipped school?- The first Tuesday of every month my senior year. 2 of my friends and I had a lunch date with Oregano's on those days. There were also a few days in between there...

Sing well?- I love to sing! Someday I hope that I can get lessons and really learn how to train my voice to be better.

Sing in the shower?- I used to. Then I got embarrassed because my mom announced that I sang in the shower at my baptism in front of my family and friends. I have only sung in the shower a few times since then. Scarred for life.

Stuffed animals?- are fun?

Strawberries/ blueberries?- Blueberries

Strengths?- I am a good at nurturing. Sometimes too much. That's probably why my little brother is attached to me.


Time for bed?- Should be at 9:00. I stay up longer to hang out with Steven though. Because I like him.

Thunderstorms?- Yes. Especially in the mountains. Then you can actually feel them.

TV shows?- Too many. I am kind of embarrassed

Touch your tongue to your nose?- nope



Underestimated?- Going to bed early


Vegetable you hate?- Onions

Vegetable you love?- carrots


Weakness?- Crying males. Gets me every time.

When you grow up?- I want to perfect being a homemaker, mother, and wife... Not really in that order...

Where do we go when we die?- We go to Heaven where we will be our very happiest.

Weather?- I like warm. I can't handle the cold.


X- Rays?- I have had a few.

X's?- are underused.


Year it is now?- 2009. Best year of my life.

Yellow?- Is the best color.


Zoo animal?-... Elephant

Zodiac sign?- Taurus

Bless your heart if you read all of this.


  1. i LOVE that you put elephant as your favorite animal. it is mine too. and i love that you sleep in and wonder if steven says you should shower or not! i do the same thing!

  2. Then you can bless my heart, because I did! So you are a natural blonde? How interesting! Did you dye it brown for that play you were in? I love the thing about losing a limb and not wanting to talk about it. That made me giggle.