Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today my husband informed me that I have not yet blogged about our new car. So, for your viewing pleasure, I give you...............drum role.......................
Before and after edition
(For some reason the pictures of the new car did not turn out so well... It is not so fuzzy in person.)

It is a bit of an upgrade.
Our old cars name is Phoebe and we have yet to find the perfect name for our new car.

Welp, now we will never see Phoebe again. We had to take one last picture with her before we left.

Seriously? Steven's face.


  1. Ooh you guys make me want a new car now...but my little putt-putt is still putt-putting so I couldn't justify it.

  2. My hubs often makes that face when I take pictures of him. :) He thinks my blogging is silly, I think. Cute new car. I love the color.