Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My first Christmas as a Hale

Christmas Eve was spent at my cute S.I.L. Jordyn's house. we had such a fun time watching Ella pass around every ones traditional Christmas Eve gift, Pajamas! Since Steven is a DIE HARD Florida Gators fan it was very fitting that we got Florida Gators PJ bottoms. I am not really into sports... at all. Therefore Steven is able to mold me into his perfect sports fan.This is our Christmas tree all done up! Ok. First off can i just point out that I married a male Martha Stewart? Steven actually made these stockings. Let me repeat that HE MADE THESE STOCKINGS. With his hands. Amazing right? CHRISTMAS MORNING! At 5:15 in the morning I was adjusting the way I was sleeping so that I could sleep a little longer when I heard Steven say,
"Emily, are you awake?"
No more going back to sleep for me. We got out of bed and opened our presents at 5:15 in the morning. Don't I look like a giant blueberry?
Here are a few of our gifts! We both got each other Nixon watches...One of Steven's favorite books is "Oh the Places You Will Go" by Dr. Seuss. I found it for him in Spanish and when he opened it he proceed to read it to me. I will be getting it for him in English next. Mainly so that I can understand it when he reads to me again... After our first married couples Christmas together we ventured over to Jordyn's house once again. It was amazing how many presents there were.
Even though I was a little sad not spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my family I had an amazing time with the Hale's. It was especially interesting to see what their family traditions were. Opening gifts with them was a really special experience. Ella's new toy.This is one of the AMAZING gifts we got. Steven's mom and dad currently live in Florida and we have not had the chance to visit them there yet. I am so excited to redeem this coupon and head on over to Florida to see them!We were so spoiled this year from our family on both sides .

After the Christmas morning festivities we headed over to my parents house in Mesa where all of the Hancock's (my mom's side of the family) gathered to have a brunch. My mom is always a wonderful host!

Quinn got a bird. Seriously? My parents were sooo anti pets when I was younger... Oh well. That bird is serisously so cute. Quinn named him Dutch?

We opened some more gifts...
At my parents house Steven surprised me with a huge, beautiful picture of the Mesa, AZ temple where we were married. If gift giving was a competition, Steven would win. It is hanging up in our home and it fits perfectly.
My mom also printed out all of our wedding photos and put them into a beautiful leather bound book for us. It was such an awesome and thoughtful surprise! The boys played some intense games.After brunch we all headed over 5 minutes away to have dinner at my grandma and grandpa's house with the Tipton side (my dads side of the family). It was weird not having everyone there this year. But still tons of fun. Especially Scattegories.

This is a picture of mine and Steven's best little buddy Nixie. Everywhere we went Nixie was right behind us! It is so fun to have Cousins who are so little.
Like my scarf? Guess who MADE it... That's right! My crafty husband did!
Those are my kind of girls.
Baby Violet and Steven.After dinner was over we tried to go and see a movie with my family. But, it was unbelievably packed and we were not able to get in. Wa wa...
When we were almost home we noticed that the bowling ally right by our condo was open. So we went bowling. Naturally. I have great form. So I am told. Don't worry. Steven DID kick my trash.
So far this has been one of my favorite Christmas days to date. I can't wait for next year!


  1. You have the best darn accessories of anyone I've ever met. Every time I look at your blog, I'm like, "Dang! Look at how cute those accessories are!" I need to study you and figure out how to accessorize.

  2. Oh my heck! You are too kind! I am very flattered though... :)