Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am sorry for the over use of EFY language in this post.

OK I know that I still need to blog about the festivities of Christmas but I will do that later. Probably when I am not at work... Since it is my official, unofficial 3:00 "smoke break" I guess that I can take this time share some news.
Steven and I were asked to go to Youth Conference with the stake. We are a little overly excited. We LOVE working with the youth (probably because we are basically the same age as them). When Steven and I were dating he was a young men's leader, and as soon as we got married I was called to be a young women's leader. Like everyone knows, we also met while working with the youth at EFY. So yeah, we really like hanging out with them.
On a Friday night we will be carpooling up to Prescott, where the youth conference is being held. That night we will be teaching the kids some EFY dances and then dancing the rest of the night away all while being on "passion patrol" and making sure that there is no inappropriate craziness going on. Such as bear hugging, grinding, moshing, boys hands going to low on the girls backs, holding hands, and kissing... All these things are not EFY appropriate, and therefore are not youth conference appropriate. Right? Is that too harsh? (It's OK, I think so too).
On Saturday we will be teaching some team building activities (For anyone who has been to EFY these are basically Wednesday night games). I really hope that the kids have a good time!
So all in all, they basically called us to be EFY counselors.
Steven is already my favorite Co- co (Co- counselor).
We can not wait!


  1. aw, that sounds like tons of fun! i remember going to EFY back in the day..haha, oh man. good times..

  2. OMGosh, I haven't thought of the term "passion patrol" for like ten years. Hahaha!!! "Co-co" is a new term to me. Did you ever have COWs? (Crush of the Week) And you had to patrol for grinding???? Times have changed in ten years. We didn't have any grinding dancing back in the late nineties when I was a counselor. Ahhh. Thanks for the trip down EFY Memory Lane.