Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I married a good one, yes I did.

Dear Steven,
I have been crazy the last few days. Yes, it is true. Thank you for being so patient and for handling my craziness with such poise and classiness. I am impressed.
Thank you for always making me laugh. Remember yesterday when we just sat in bed because we were SO TIRED right after work and we laughed so hard our cheeks and stomachs hurt? I loved that.
Remember when we watched every episode of Avatar the Last Air Bender online? I don't even care who knows it. We love Avatar. Thank you for learning to love Japanese anime.
Remember when we started playing that game called "Who ordered the better food" when we go to a restaurant? I actually don't remember when we started that but we play it now and it is awesome. (I won last night)
You know how every time we pass any part of Phoenix that resembles Mexico and you tell me how badly you want to move there? I make fun of you for that. But really, I secretly love when you do that. I just don't want to tell you I love it because I really don't want to move there. Remember, I am small, weak, and unable to defend myself= downtown Phoenix, bad idea.
I do know that you love that part of town because it reminds you of your mission that you loved so much= that sort of melts my heart but I would still never move there. We can visit!
My favorite days to wake up to are the ones that you sing to me to get me out of bed. Those always end up being good days for some reason.
Remember how you always say Gooba Goo to me whenever I start getting sappy? I bet you are thinking of doing it right now.
I love you Steven.
Can we please get a Christmas tree tonight???


  1. this was the sweetest thing ever! you guys are so cute. i love how you have all of your little games and inside jokes and stuff. that is awesome. you guys rock! i hope you get your tree!

  2. I love laughing until my cheeks and stomach hurt with my hubs. We still do that, after nine years!! Which is a good thing. Steven is the bomb-dot-com.