Thursday, December 10, 2009


It has become tradition to take pictures to send out with a Christmas card every year for my family. This year Steven got to be in the picture! So fun for him. Here are a few of my favorite pictures complete with comments. Um, I love this one. (Don't worry. We are using one of the pictures from this photo shoot for our Christmas cards/ wedding thank you cards... yeah... this year.)
This one is probably my favorite of them all. I kinda look like him, huh?

Please enlarge this picture. Look at the eye communication going on between my youngest brother Quinn and me. Also, please notice my 2nd button on my jacket. Is it just me or did I just gain 20 pounds and get 10 x's whiter in this picture? I blame the photographer.

Dear mom,

You look pretty. Need I say anything? Seriously. THE TIPTON FAMILY (plus a former Tipton gone Hale and one Hale that has always been a Hale).

P.S. What in the world am I doing with my hands? Yes. Yes I did just turn 5.
Also, Quinn's face. That's all.


  1. haha, you guys are so cute! loved the commentary :)

  2. What cute pictures. I like your headband thing. And your mom's earrings. You have cute, cute little brothers. So fun.