Monday, December 7, 2009

I steal pictures from other peoples blogs...

and today is no exception. (Thanks for the pictures mom!)

Yesterday Steven and I had the opportunity to go to my newest cousins baby blessing.

I die. She is so cute.

Steven said that while they were in the circle she just opened her eyes super wide and just watched everyone with out making a peep

I love being the oldest grandchild. It is so fun to watch everyone grow up and remember when most of them were born. One of my favorite parts of the whole being at church with my entire family experience was when my cousin Roxcy (who is about 2) came up to her mom with hot pink lip stick (courtesy of my grandma) smeared across her lips and most of her face right in the middle of church. Steven and I could not stop laughing. (You had to have been there.)

After the blessing all of us went to my aunts house to eat Costa Vida she had catered (drool). While we were there my cousin Nixie was hanging out with Steven and me almost the entire time because we are awesome. At one point she looked up at me and said,

"Emily, you know what I wish?"

I said no and then she said...

"I wish I had three arms."

Don't we all?

This weekend we got to babysit our cutest niece Ella! We had so much fun. We took her to the car dealership with us and she was so full of energy. I have never seen a happier child. She defiantly kept us on our toes.

If I say anything else about kids my mom will freak out on me and tell me not to have kids... I don't know if she really does not want me to have kids for my sake or if she just does not want to be a grandma. Either way, she does not have to convince me not to have kids (yet). We are on the 10 year plan. As in we are not going to have kids for 10 years. So there.


  1. In ten years I'll still be too young to be a G-ma!!

  2. Good luck with sticking with the 10-year plan! You sound so baby-hungry!!! Hahaha! And I like your bracelet.