Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A baptism and a show.

Steven and I had the opportunity to attend a baptism on Saturday night.
The mans name is Brandon and he came to our ward about a month ago and decided that he wanted to be baptized. Apparently he had grown up around Mormons and was familiar with the church. Many of his best friends were LDS and they drove all the way from Utah to support him.
The room was so full of the spirit and it was amazing to here him bear such a strong and powerful testimony of the Savior and the church. I know that everyone there felt how special the occasion was. He was so excited and so happy. I am so happy that we were able to attend and to feel of his amazing spirit. I hope that I did not drive the spirit away with After the baptism was over one of my favorite local bands, Before Braille, was playing for the last time and it would have hurt my heart too much to miss out on it. They became my favorite band because

A- They really are awesome
B- My very talented cousin Kelly was the drummer.

Unfortunately Kelly did not play with them on their last show... Still, it was amazing.

Sometimes I really miss going to small local shows. I love big concerts but being in a smaller venue, you can get right up close and personal to the band. To me, it is easier to get "lost in music," and the atmosphere is a lot more ... chill (for lack of a better word.) I just love it and I was so excited for Steven to get his first taste of the local music scene. After his ears stopped ringing, I am sure he loved it as much as I did... Well... maybe.


  1. Emily! I don't know if you remember me from EA, but i used to be at your apartment all the time with Dyanna. I see that you got married, congrats! My blog is private but send me an email at daynaarnell@yahoo.com if you want an invite. You look great by the way!!

  2. That is so, so neat. I love spiritual experiences like that. I'm working on a girl I visit teach - she's come to church a couple of times, and it is such a rush to watch her change and feel the spirit.