Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I think it's time for another sickeningly cheesy love letter.

Dear Steven,

Did you realize how crazy I was before you married me? Did you realize that it was possible for a person to be totally happy and lovely one moment and then overly sensitive, bitter, and easily offended the next? I bet it's kind of amazing to watch. Amazingly scary. (This kind of stuff is normal for girls right? Please tell me it's normal.)
You are kind of awesome. Not only are you able to put up with me and my girlish freak outs, but you are always there for me. Kind of like that one time you were there for me when we were in California and I got barfy, thow- upy sick and you stood in that bathroom, holding my hair back while I introduced the toilet to the inside of my stomach. The only other person who has ever done that for me is my mom so I am pretty sure that shows how much you love me.
Now it's time for some random thoughts!
Thank you for always pushing me to be the best that I can be. Remember that one time we ran that half marathon and you stayed with me the whole time (even though I am sure you could have run laps around me). I honestly didn't think that I could do it. You kept pushing me and crossing that finish line with you felt beyond amazing. I am so happy you did not let me give up.
Without fail if I am ever feeling down I can always count on you pulling a seriously ugly face, dance move, or voice (an yon cheen gu) to make me smile.
I love those moments when I am cooking in the kitchen and you pull me away and dance with me (ball room style) and sing to me the sweet, sweet songs of Michael Buble.
I can always count on a Sunday church hand massage from you (favorite!).

I am sorry that I don't always notice or give thanks for the things that you do for me. I am sorry that I don't always treat you the way an awesome husband deserves to be treated. I am learning to be better and hopefully someday I will be the kind of wife I feel you deserve.
I am so thankful for our temple marriage and the promises that we made there. Each time we go back there my love for you grows and I can't help but feel immense gratitude for the person that you are. I am so grateful to have you in my life.
I love you Steven.
(squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze)
This is enough rambling for one love letter.


  1. i love reading these! first off - they're funny and super cute. second - i'm so glad my cousin is such a gentleman and treats his cute wife so well. horray for good marriage!

  2. I love how you said, "Remember that one time we ran that half marathon?" That was like a few days ago. That's like me saying, "Remember that one time that I barfed up my sandwich?" When it was like three hours ago. You are funny. And consider yourself privileged that Lex commented on your blog. You need to comment more on your favorite sister's blog, Lex, you punk!!