Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Youth Conference

A couple months ago Steven and I were asked to help out with youth conference and we just had it this past weekend. We taught dance instruction, and etiquette on Friday night and on Saturday we taught team building games. We LOVE working with the youth. (obviously, that is how we met). We really had a wonderful time. Our main goal going into youth conference was to make sure that everyone participated and no one got left out. We hardly saw each other the whole dance because we were busy dancing with under aged minors making sure that everyone was included. I looked awesome dancing. I am sure of it.
One sign that I am not 15 anymore? After the dance my whole body hurt.
There were 3 classes (our game class included) that the kids took turns going to. I am sad I didn't get a chance to go to the other classes because I heard that they were awesome. We had a lot of fun in our games class though and THANK GOODNESS no one got hurt.
I love watching Steven interact with the youth. He has a way of capturing their attention and saying just the right thing.
Enjoy these pictures of our weekend!


  1. I really miss boogeying at EFY dances. When I taught school at a junior high, I adored having Dance Duty. I would get in there and boogie with all the kids. So much fun.

  2. You two are so perfect for hanging out with the youth and so dang good at it. How fun!

  3. aww it looks like EFY all over again! o i miss that. we just moved into a new ward i'm definitely crossing my fingers to be put in the Young Women's!

  4. Of course you two helped- I'm sure everyone loved you. I love all the pictures of Steven with the children- soooo cute.