Friday, February 5, 2010

Dance With This

My brother raps.
He writes his own lyrics, mixes his own beats, and records his own songs along with his friend Alex.
Last Thursday they performed in their fist public appearance ever (um, have I mentioned that my brother has never performed for a group of people before? Did I mention that I was a little nervous for him?... just a little).Where was this performance? The high school talent show.

They were the first act after intermission so when they came on the stage, the lights were dimmed. But don't worry. Cole and Alex were wearing head lights. Yep, head lights, so that we knew where they were before the stage was lit up.

When the lights finally did come on this is what we saw...

Their performance featured 2 raps.
1. Dance With This
2. Real slow (my personal favorite)
A feast for the eyes and the ears.
I belly laughed for a good ten minutes.
It was nice having my family there as well. We were all rapping right along with them (which is why I will not be posting the video). Since Cole plays his raps for everyone on a CD, we all know (and love) the lyrics.
My brother took to the stage like a fish to the water... (that's the saying, right?)

When it came time for the awards guess who won 2 place?

Did. not. see. that. one. coming.

I am so proud that he is my brother.


  1. Your pictures are way better than mine.

  2. Dude, that takes cajones. To rap in front of other people. How fun. You have a cute family.