Friday, March 5, 2010

I am new to the world of sports...

Last night Steven and I went to the Suns vs. Jazz game.

Steven was rooting (is that that right word?) for the Utah Jazz (obvi) and since I am a life long Arizona resident I supported the Suns with my whole heart.

Something new I learned about myself last night? I am really good at smack talk. Where did I learn it from? Well... his name starts with an S and ends in teven. Figures.
Also, Steven was yelled at by at least 100 people when he would cheer for the Jazz. It was new experience for me. I don't really like yelling...

For the first time in our year long marriage filled with sports, (all Steven) I FINALLY found myself actually getting into the game AND enjoying myself. I also learned that I DO have a competitive side. Don't worry, just because I discovered that I have a competitive side does not mean that I will lose control with it. No one likes out of control competitiveness. Unless it's at a hockey game. I live for those hockey player fights. That's the only reason I like hockey.
During half time we enjoyed a performance from a little kids hip hop group.

They were all super fierce and Steven secretly wishes that he could be on the dance team with them... He probably would be if I let him.

It was a great game. The Suns where ahead by a good 10 points the entire game... And then the last five minutes happened.

The Suns ended up losing.

All my disappointment was forgotten as soon as Steven started doing his "Victory Dance" down the streets of Phoenix.

And in that moment, life was so good.

This morning when we woke up Steven was walking around our room showing me his JAZZ hands in honor of the game last night. Sorry, no pictures. But trust me, you would have laughed if you saw it too. I love that man.

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  1. That Steven is a crack-up. I love watching basketball. I'm a jealous girl.